Website optimization or SEO

Website optimization or SEO and SEO price

First, keep in mind that SEO is an investment , not a cost.
Optimizing your website is an important part of getting your website the results you want. Thanks to a well-thought-out and relevant website content, Google understands which websites are good to show to customers. SEO services are a marathon rather than a sprint, and a good thing happens over time.
Website content needs to be aligned with what you type in Google search.
All this requires website analysis, keyword analysis, competition analysis. After that, we come up with an action plan and start optimizing the website and creating the content that the customer is looking for on Google.
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Why is SEO necessary?

Well-organized SEO work helps build visibility and thus improve your business results.
The most eager customers at the end of the sales channel know what they are looking for. This means that they already have a definite desire for a service, and they are actively looking for it. This is where SEO or website optimization can be a big trump card.
Of course, there is also an opportunity to direct SEO to educate customers, move on from the sales channel or increase trust and introduce oneself. It all depends on the needs of the company or business.



Why choose SEO

A well-optimized website becomes much more visible to customers.
The numbers show that somewhere 90% of the entire customer base lands only on the front page. Which is specifically related to sales numbers. You may have no matter how good an invention, product or service, but if it is hidden on the fourth page of Google, unfortunately no one will find it.

How long does SEO take and the price.

Üldiselt ei ole kindlat ajavahemiku teada, kui kaua SEO aega võtab nind milliseks kujuneb lõplik SEO hind. Kuid alates 2st nädalast(Väga hea hinnanguga lehed, ning juba kõrgematel positsioonidel), kuni 1 aastani.( Lehed, millele hakatakse täiesti uut SEO strateegiat looma.)
Faktoreid on palju – Mis on Sinu lehe hetke SEO olukord. Mis on Sinu kodulehe autoriteetsus ehk hinnang Google silmis. Kas sisu on asjakohane. Kas Sinu lehele on häid viiteid. 
Samuti SEO hind sõltub sinu teenuse, toote ning valdkonna konkurentsist ning pakutava toote või teenuse nõudlusest lisaks SEO hind sõltub perioodist, kui pikalt oled nõus panustama kasvule Googles..

Well-organized content

SEO is good because it allows a website to be divided into notional sections. Which will help make your website more valuable to problem seekers. 

For example: Direct the front page to a less conscious or curious person.
Direct service page to people who are already interested in buying and know what they are looking for.